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About Criminal Lawyer

"If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers" — Charles Dickens

Welcome to the front lines of the legal profession. A Criminal Lawyer per se is a practitioner of Law with a preferred practice of Crimes and Punishments, representing the State on hand and defending the Accused on the other hand.

Lawyers representing the State/ the Government are also known as Public Prosecutors, they serve as the voice of the State as a policing system and assist the Courts by carefully and articulately putting the facts and evidence on record for the Criminal act to be tried and punished.
On the counterpart, a Defense Lawyer defends the client who has been accused of a crime and assists the Court in considering the plea for the innocence of the accused.

It is a fast-paced practice area and therefore requires effective practical training before on can professionally pursue it individually. To become a Criminal lawyer it is very important to be able to work under pressure and be able to think on your feet. Criminal law involves a lot of research and evidence gathering, therefore being able to deal with information promptly will serve you well.

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Our ambition An ambition to achieve global excellence in legal services underpins our strategy. We aim to achieve this goal through consistent efforts and attention to managing knowledge and information, and by delivering consistently high standards of client service. Our core values: Ambition, Commitment, Excellence, Integration embrace the highest professional standards and helps us build supportive and strong relationships with our clients. These values are communicated throughout the firm and serve to instill in all members of our firm a full appreciation of professional and ethical responsibilities the firm places upon them.