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Cases Of Corporate Fraud

A corporate fraud occurs when a company or an entity deliberately changes and conceals sensitive information which then apparently makes it look healthier. Companies adopt various modus-operandi to commit such corporate frauds, which may include miss-information in the prospectus, manipulation of accounting records, debt hiding etc.
The aspect of falsification of financial information includes false accounting entries, false trades for inflation of profits, disclosure of price sensitive information which comes under the ambit of insider trading and showing false transactions which result in attracting more investors and lenders for funding.

There can be several reasons cited for which companies commit such frauds like making more falsified money, creating a false image of the company for the market scenario and misguiding Governmental authorities for tax evasion. In India, the Commission on 'Prevention of Corruption', in its report, observed, "The advancement of technological and scientific development is contributing to the emergence of mass society with a large rank in file and a small controlling elite, encouraging the growth of monopolies, the rise of a managerial class and intricate institutional mechanisms.

There is a necessity for a strict adherence to high standards of ethical behavior for even the honest functioning of the new social, political and economic processes. The report of the Vivian Bose Commission inquiring into the affairs of the Dalmia Jain group of companies in 1963, highlighted as to how the big industries indulge in frauds, falsification of accounts and record tampering for personal gains and tax evasion etc.