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Defense & Grant of Bail

The term "bail" is originated from an old French verb "bail" which means to give or ˜to deliver. Bail refers to the provisional release of the accused in a criminal case in which the court is yet to announce the judgment. The term "bail" means the security that is deposited in order to secure the release of the accused.

Types of Bail In India

Depending upon the sage of the criminal matter, there are commonly three types of bail in India:

  • Regular bail: A regular bail is generally granted to a person who has been arrested or is in police custody. A bail application can be filed for the regular bail under section 437 and 439 of CrPC.
  • Interim bail: This type of bail is granted for a short period of time and it is granted before the hearing for the grant of regular bail or anticipatory bail.
  • Anticipatory bail: Anticipatory bail is granted under section 438 of CrPC either by session court or High Court. An application for the grant of anticipatory bail can be filed by the person who discerns that he may be arrested by the police for a non- bailable offence.