Services: Case of Motor Accident


Case of Motor Accident

Consider a situation where a recklessly speeding car collides with a motorcycle while driving on a bridge connecting two areas falling under different police limits. The motorist falls down and suffers grave injuries. Following are the procedures involved in investigating such a case of motor accident.

Information to the police:If the information is given by an unknown person, through telephone, the police may enter the message in the general diary and may conduct the preliminary inquiry. The FIR cannot be filled based on the cryptic telephonic message

If the information has been verified and either a statement has been recorded from the sender in writing or a confirmatory written and signed complaint has been received from the informant, then FIR can be filed based on the information.

If the first informant, who gave the information through telephone is unknown, then the victim’s complaint can be treated as the information for first information report
Note: The object and purpose of giving telephonic message was not to lodge the FIR, but to request the officer in-charge of the police station to reach the place of occurrence.

If the information is given by the injured, then the police may file the FIR and take cognizance of the case.